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At Samples for Schools, we have provided for parent’s home schooling requirements for over 4 years, and this has been very successful.

We provide full video tutorials, instructions and lesson plans, all of which can be easily followed from the comfort of your own home. Our specimens are all food grade to ensure you can stored them easily at home.

This is more pertinent than ever with the unfortunate schools closure as of the 20th March 2020

We have put together a Home Schooling Pack, an excellent set of Specimens for Home Schooling, ideally used in conjunction with our Lesson Plans & Videos.

We hope this helps keeping the children engaged in their biology.

Check out our Shop, see the dissection supplies we offer.

Dissection specimens for sale includes fish heads, lamb and pig organs, specifically; brain, heart, lungs, eyes, kidney, testicle, tongue, liver and pig trotters as well as whole pluck, lites and tops.

We aim to provide you with all of the necessary dissection samples that you will need whether you are a school, college, university or laboratory.

We provide dissection supplies, supplying frozen animal organ samples throughout the UK with next day delivery.

If you are already dissecting in lessons, we hope to make your life a lot easier by providing a quick, reliable and easy to use service when sourcing your specimens.  All of our specimens are vacuum packed and frozen rather than preserved; making for a safer, odourless and more natural specimen.


  • Free from abnormalities and disease.
  • Deep frozen within 24 hours of slaughter.
  • Free from preservatives or chemicals.
  • Vacuum packed.
  • Harvested from animals under 2 years old.
  • By-products of the food industry.
  • Specifically selected by us for dissection specimens.
  • Classified as Food Grade (fit for human consumption).


  • Guaranteed next day delivery for orders made before 11:30am
  • Delivery date picker (Guaranteeing delivery when you want it)
  • All product packages individually vacuum packed.
  • Account payment terms 28 days after invoice.
  • Accept all major credit cards.
  • We use Barclaycard for our secure payment service.
  • Customer support.  Please contact us with any queries.


Hello Cameron,  Thank you very much. It’s great that schools can now order such a good selection of classroom dissection material. It used to be such a trial trying to source decent plucks, eyes etc.  Many thanks Lisa

Thank you very much for our delivery. I was very pleased with the ordering process, the delivery and the package and last not least with the quality of the material! We will definitely order again with you!  German School Association ltd

Hi Cameron and colleagues,
I have just received the recent order of hearts and fish heads etc.  Please may I compliment you on the care of packaging and quality of the items.  You are an excellent company; also 10/10 for getting the delivery through despite the weather.
And yes you can use my praise in your marketing if you like.
Regards,  Martin

I just want to thank you. My butcher let me down with orders for dissection but your delivery was speedy and great and saved the day for me and the class. I have decided always to order from you for school dissection. I am also forwarding your dissection videos to the teachers for their lessons, they are very clear and give good tips for the teacher.  Thanks again.

Dominic, Lab Technician, City Heights Academy


All of our samples are a by-product of the food industry and no animals have been specifically slaughtered for these samples.  As such all animals have been slaughtered in a humane and legal way under the direction of the food standards agency.  We feel using by-products is a sound ethical way to provide high quality dissection specimens for the classroom.


All of our lamb and beef specimens have been slaughtered in accordance to halal practices.  All animals have been stunned first.